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Student Handbook

St. Paul
Lutheran School
2016-2017 Student Handbook

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Principal Mrs. Wendy Kretschmar
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The mission of St. Paul Lutheran School
“Molding God’s children
for time and eternity.”

Attendance Policy

Parents are expected to see to it that their children attend school regularly and that they arrive on time. Parents are expected to call the school office before 9:00 am on the morning the student will be absent or tardy. The teacher should report to the principal when a student’s absence or tardiness is excessive (3 per week). If their efforts with the family do not result in acceptable attendance, the teacher shall counsel with the parents in order that a remedy is affected.

Perfect School Attendance

A student is awarded Perfect School Attendance when ALL school days are attended during the school year. A Perfect School Attendance certificate is given to the student during the closing worship service. Students may miss a portion of a school day for appointments with doctors, dentists, etc. and still receive the award. Excessive tardies would disqualify a student from Perfect School Attendance. (6 per quarter)

Church Attendance

Church attendance is taken each week. The Lord desires you to be regular and faithful in worship.

Perfect Church Attendance

A student is awarded Perfect Church Attendance when ALL worship services are attended during a school year. A Perfect Church Attendance certificate is given to the student during the closing worship service. The following services are considered for Perfect Church Attendance:

  • Sunday worship
  • Thanksgiving
  • Advent
  • Christmas Day or Christmas Eve
  • Lent
  • Maundy Thursday
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Ascension Day

Outstanding Church Attendance

A student is awarded Outstanding Church Attendance if he/she attends at least 90% of the worship services in a school year.

Dress Code Policy

As Christians, our role as ambassadors for Christ should be to reflect the values and teachings of Christ to the community. We trust that parents share our desire to foster high standards in every area of our school program, including dress and personal appearance. Our faculty reserves the right to make judgments concerning what we consider to be proper or improper dress for school based on the guidelines below. Clothing should be neat, clean and modest. Examples of clothing that does NOT fall into this category, and is therefore not acceptable, are:
• Any clothing that leaves the midriff bare while sitting;
• Halter tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube tops;
• Shorts and skirts that do not reach fingertip length;
• Shorts that are cutoffs;
• Clothing that allows underwear to be seen;
• Clothes with holes;
• Dirty or smelly clothing;
• Sweatpants in grades 5-8;
• Clothing having unchristian or immoral sayings or pictures;
• Clothing bearing the names or logos of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or musical groups.
• Footwear must be worn. Flip-flops are forbidden for safety reasons.
In addition to clothing, the following will not be permitted:
• Hair that hangs in the eyes, is educationally distracting (e.g. all over pink) or hair that is dirty.
• Coats or headwear inside.
• Any facial jewelry other than earrings for girls is not permitted at school or any school function.
• On chapel days, students will not be permitted to wear blue jeans, shorts, or T-shirts with screen printing. We encourage our students to dress appropriately during chapel.
Other items of dress or appearance may be banned by the principal if he/she deems that they are not clean, neat, modest or that they disrupt the school’s educational system. Questions about proper dress or appearance should be addressed to the principal.

Book Covers

Book covers are required on ALL hard cover, school-owned books. Larger size book covers are needed for most upper grade books. Failure to keep books covered, or marking or writing in books will result in a fine. If you abuse or damage a book beyond use, you will be required to pay for replacing it. The care of school-owned books is your responsibility.

Non-Discrimination Policy

St. Paul Lutheran School admits students of any race, color, sex, national and ethnic origin to all rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national, and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admission policies, scholarship, and loan programs, and other school administered programs.

Snow Days

St. Paul Lutheran School will close with the Sheboygan Public Schools when there are inclement weather conditions unless otherwise announced. Announcements of delayed start, school closing, or early closing will be made over the following stations:

  • WTMJ Radio 620 AM Channel 4 TV (Milwaukee)
  • WHBL Radio 1330 AM Channel 6 TV (Milwaukee)

Parents should monitor the radio or TV when the weather appears hazardous. DO NOT CALL the school, church, principal, or teachers. Parents who work outside the home should make arrangements with someone who can and will call them if an early closing is announced. Be sure you know what you are to do in the event of any early closing. Your plan for this should already be in place. Our office phone must be kept open to receive emergency information.

Accelerated Reader

Access the St. Paul Accelerated Reader page here.


Pupils requiring medication at school shall be identified by the parents to the principal. He shall assume authority for involving designated school personnel in administration of the medication. This does not prohibit the older and reliable student from assuming the responsibility him/herself with the approval of the parents and doctor.
Written statements shall be required of:

  1. The parents, who shall request and authorize the designated school personnel to give medication.
  2. The physician, who shall indicate the name, dosage, purpose, amount, frequency, and times of administration.

If more knowledge is needed by the school authorities to exercise prudent judgment for the safety and protection of the student on medication, permission should be obtained from the parents to contact the physician directly. The physician or pharmacist shall be requested by the parents to supply a properly labeled bottle of medication for school authorities. School personnel under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may provide aspirin or any other medication to students without meeting criteria.

Communicable Diseases:

The Principal is required to report any disease of a public health concern to the Department of Public Health in accordance with the law. All communicable diseases should be reported to the principal or designated school personnel. Students may be excluded from attendance until they are certified fit to return to school by a physician.

Social Media

Students who choose to harass others, and show disrespect to classmates and/or any adult affiliated with school via social media, will serve an in-school suspension and may be referred to the proper authorities.

Physical Exams

All students in grades 4-8 MUST have on file a physical examination form signed by a licensed Physician or Surgeon or have had an examination last year whereby the student can then fill out an alternate year athletic permit form, signed by parent or guardian, and no examination is necessary. If however, a student has been hospitalized or suffered a serious injury since the time of his last examination, the student must be re-examined, and cannot fill out an alternate year form.

Typing Club

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