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Church Service Info. for May 2 & 3

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First off: This coming weekend’s Order of Service is available as a .PDF file for download here:

Dear Member or Friend of St. Paul’s,

Psalm 23 begins, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” How true that is! With the Lord guiding us, we shall never “want” for anything. True, the sinful nature all too often drives our desires in a different direction that seems to never be satisfied. But the nature controlled by the Spirit, is at peace and content under the Good Shepherd’s care.

In John chapter 10, Jesus fills out the image from Psalm 23 with even greater detail. He claims for Himself that title of Shepherd. He tells us how much He knows us and the “sheep” of His pasture “listen to” Him. But here’s the really good part. This Shepherd “lays down His life for the sheep!”

The sacrificial Good Shepherd literally buys us back from the power of sin, the control of Satan and yes, even eternal death itself. The faith that God gives and nurtures through His Word and Holy Supper truly connects us to the best Shepherd of all. Be at peace in His care as we all wait to get back to normal in the world around us!

With Easter behind us, we are back to our regular “Covid” worship schedule. Small group service times are Saturdays at 5:30PM; and Sundays at 8:15, 9:30, and 10:45AM.

The link to Sign-up for church is:


Live services are posted on the church Facebook page:


Past Services remain on that page for viewing at any time.

If you download the service and print it, or open it in another window on your computer, you can participate while viewing the service either live or later.

The peace and life of the Risen Savior, Jesus be with you!

Pastor K.                                      Pastor Matt


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