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Weekly School Calendar – Moving Forward

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This is the weekly schedule that we will use moving forward. We are adding Religion via Zoom on Tuesday for grade 7 with Pastor K. They will need their catechisms. I’m also adding Spelling on Thursday. That will cut English down to 3 days per week. Woohoo to that!!! Pastor Shive has included Religion for grade 8 in the packet. 
One more thing. For my own sanity, I need all these kids to post their work in google classroom. I can find it, they can see it and if you want to check their work, you can see it as well. I made a video and put it on the Spartan page showing how to do that in case they forgot how. Ethan Winter says there is an easier way, and there might be, so contact him for tips on that. 🙂 
The BrainPop app would be a good addition to their ipads. Then, they can more easily access their assignments, rather than have to log in every time, which shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it appears to be.  I will be happy to install that if you bring it in on pick up day. 
I’m sure that with the new schedule and better use google classroom we can all get on a more solid footing for the next few weeks. See what I did there? Next FEW weeks. I’m hoping!!! 
Keep up the good work! Mrs. K


MONDAY: Math – Reading – English – Geography –  7-8 ZOOM at 11am 

TUESDAY: Math – Reading – English – Science – Religion 8

RELIGION: Zoom Meet with Pastor K – 7th Grade  10am 

WEDNESDAY: Math – Reading – Geography – Art – Spanish Pre-Algebra Zoom @10 – IXL

THURSDAY: Math – Reading – Science – Spelling

FRIDAY: Math – Reading – English – Geography 7-8 Zoom at 11am

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