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Accepted residency document for the voucher program

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Here are the accepted residency document for the voucher program:

  1. Wage statement or W2 year-end earnings statement.
  2. Water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone bill. Cell phone bills are NOT acceptable.
  3. Letter from the water, sewer, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone utility, regarding these utility services at the address on the application
  4. Governmental correspondence. Examples include a property tax bill, Supplemental Security Income “SSI”, Wisconsin Works “W2”, FoodShare, United States Postal Service, or Housing Assistance letter. Printed statements from Access.gov can be used as residency support if the statement is during the required period.
  5. Signed and dated lease agreement with a term that includes the date the parent applies to the school (must be complete and legible) that is in the name of one of the parents/legal guardians at the address on the student application. Expired leases are NOT acceptable. Generally, the parent should try to provide one of the allowed residency documents other than a month to-month lease. However, if a month-to month lease is used, it must be dated between three (3) months prior to the start of the open application period in which you submit the online application to the school and the end of that open application period. Rent receipts are NOT an allowed residency document.


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