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Tuition Tips

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Tax Deduction for Private School

That’s right! You can claim the subtraction for tuition paid for dependent children to attend a
private school! Wisconsin now has the largest tuition tax deduction in the country. Ask your tax
preparer to help you take advantage of this new law. The deduction is based on your income, tax
bracket, amount of tuition paid for all your dependent children in primary or secondary private
schools which includes book fees. These subtractions are calculated on Schedule PS and Form 1 of
your Wisconsin State Income Tax Return. The St. Paul School office will issue each family a
statement for your use in preparing Schedule PS by January 31, 2018.

Wisconsin Parental Choice Program

The Choice vouchers application period will be February 1 – April 20, 2018, for the 2018-19 school
year. The program now has a school district cap of 3% and families are highly encouraged to apply
(and reapply) for the random lottery. St. Paul School is proud to be a part of this program, offering
families an opportunity to a Christ-centered and excellent education. Contact Mrs. Kretschmar for
more information.

Reduce Your Tuition – Participate in the SCRIP Program

Buy Scrip cards for grocery, department stores, gas stations, fast-food places and restaurants, etc.
You earn money to reduce your (or another) child’s tuition costs. St. Paul School wins because you
are providing additional funds to support Christ-centered educational opportunities. You win
because a portion of the dollars you are already spending for your daily needs can be applied
toward a child’s tuition at St. Paul Lutheran School.

To help keep tuition costs from rising, we need to keep fundraising in the forefront.

There are several ways you can help St. Paul School raise money: be part of one of the fundraiser
committees (Auction, etc.) because each fundraiser puts money directly into the school operations
account. Volunteer to help at any of the many fundraisers and events held each year at St. Paul
School. Participate in each and every fundraiser as best you and your family can.

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